Yuri Oganessian became first laureate of Sber Scientific Prize

News, 16 December 2022

On 14 December, the first Sber Scientific Prize was presented at the Sberbank headquarters. The world-famous scientist, FLNR JINR Scientific Leader, RAS Academician Yuri Oganessian won the Prize for his fundamental work on the synthesis of superheavy elements and contribution to the formation of the accelerator experimental basis that provide the prospect for revolutionary nuclear technologies.

The Sber Scientific Prize is the largest private Russian prize in the field of science. It is awarded in three categories: “Physical world”, “Life sciences”, and “Digital universe”. The Prize in the amount of 20 million roubles is awarded for contributions to research and development that have a significant potential to influence scientific and technical progress.

In addition to Yuri Oganessian, RAS Academicians Alexander Gabibov and Alexander Holevo won the Prize. Doctor of Chemistry Alexander Gabibov was awarded for the discovery of the catalytic function of immunoglobulins in nature and creation of artificial biocatalysts for the treatment of oncological and autoimmune diseases by methods of combinatorial chemistry and biology. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Alexander Holevo received the Prize for his fundamental contribution to quantum informatics and scientific papers that open the way to fundamentally new communication and computing systems.

Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank of Russia Herman Gref personally awarded the Prize winners. “We conceived the Sber Scientific Prize as one of the sources of support for the scientific community so that researchers could continue their work for the benefit of Russia and the whole world,” he said.

This idea of the Prize was reflected in the fact that Yuri Oganessian decided to use the funds received to organize a prize fund to support scientists, especially young ones.

Independent experts, 392 Russian and foreign scientists, selected applications for the Prize. Lists of finalists in each nomination were formed. The results of the competition were summed up by the Prize committee, which includes RAS academicians and world-famous scientists. Herman Gref and Nobel Prize laureate in Physics Konstantin Novoselov co-chaired the committee.

Photos by Sber press office