Yuri Oganessian established annual Prize for young scientists

Media, 14 April 2023

The establishment of the award was announced on the 90th anniversary of Yuri Oganessian, which was celebrated on 14 April at the RAS Central Scientists’ Club in Moscow. Young scientists, as well as science communicators will have an opportunity to become laureates of the Oganesson Prize.

The aim of the Prize is to encourage young scientists and specialists who have achieved success in theoretical and experimental research in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and applied science. In addition, the Prize will be awarded to scientific journalists and science communicators. The start of the competition for the Oganesson Prize is scheduled for summer-autumn 2023.

In 2022, Academician Yuri Oganessian became the laureate of the Sber Scientific Prize for his fundamental work on the synthesis of superheavy elements and contribution to the formation of the accelerator experimental basis. Yuri Oganessian has decided to direct his award in the amount of 20 million rubles towards the support of scientific youth.

“The Sber Prize was awarded for the result that involved the hard work of so many people, some of whom did not live to this day.” Therefore, it was decided to direct these funds to support young people”, Yuri Oganessian noted commenting on the establishment of the Prize. “I think it is very important to give the award not only for scientific results. Science is a creative work that requires a broad vision, knowledge, understanding of priorities, and firm commitment. So, those who can talk about it interestingly, should also be awarded this Prize for their efforts in the field of education, propaganda, and popularisation of science”.

“On your birthday, and especially on your anniversary, it is pleasant not to receive presents, but to give them away. So, Yuri Tsolakovich has decided to make young researchers a gift by establishing the Oganesson Prize”, JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov noted in his speech at a grand seminar at the RAS Central Scientists’ Club.


12 September 2023, Information Analysis Portal of the Union State

The international scientific award named after the outstanding physicist Oganesyan was established in Russia