Yuri Oganessian in “Scientific Russia. Great names” project

News, 02 September 2021

Today, on 2 September, the “365 days TV” channel and the Okko multimedia service will broadcast the premiere of a film about D. I. Mendeleev. An outstanding scientist, RAS Academician, Scientific Leader of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions JINR Yuri Tsolakovich Oganessian took part in the filming of the movie. The project “Scientific Russia. Great names” is a series of documentaries about outstanding scientists of Russia and their modern followers.

Moreover, on 2 September 2021, a meeting of the Plenum of the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society will be held in Boblovo to discuss the concept of the project on the creation of the international scientific-educational and historical-cultural cluster in the territory of the Mendeleev and Blok State Memorial Museum-Reserve. The idea to create it was supported by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“It was a pleasure for us to learn that on the day of the meeting of the Plenum of the Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society on 2 September, there would be the premiere of a film about Mendeleev in the frames of the project “Scientific Russia. Great names”. We consider it a symbolic event since the main topic of our meeting is the discussion of the concept of the creation of the international multifunctional scientific and cultural centre in the territory of the Museum-Reserve in Boblovo. This unique space where Dmitry Ivanovich lived and worked for many years is being gradually restored by the efforts of the museum’s staff. The work of the museum’s employees inspired our idea to create the Mendeleev scientific-educational and historical-cultural centre in the Reserve. The President of the Russian Academy of Sciences has proposed it to the Governor of the Moscow region. We are sure that the initiative of the Russian Academy of Sciences aimed to develop the Reserve’s territory, to ensure conditions for various formats of scientific, educational, and cultural activities will contribute to the preservation and popularisation of the rich heritage of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev,” President of the Chemical Society Academician Aslan Usupovich Tsivadze said.

The first episode of the project “Scientific Russia. Great names” about Mikhail Vasilievich Lomonosov was broadcast on 26 August. New episodes will be released every Thursday at 9:00 PM. Each episode will acquaint viewers with the achievements of outstanding researchers and show how their inventions have influenced modern science and our life.

“The main thing that motivates a scientist is the desire to be the first where no one has ever been. Ideas by Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev were ahead of the time and opened the way to the future. Our outstanding contemporary colleague, the legend of world science Yuri Tsolakovich Oganessian follows this way of knowledge beyond the limits of Mendeleev’s table. It was here, in Dubna, in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research where 10 new elements of the periodic table were discovered, and Yuri Oganessian was honoured to be immortalised during his lifetime in the Table that has been the basis for new scientific research and discoveries for more than 150 years. This year, on the initiative of Yuri Tsolakovich, a new landmark was created in our legendary city of nuclear scientists, namely the monumental Periodic Table. I hope that the grandiose size of our Table – it is the largest in Europe, Asia, and America – will attract adults and children to science. It is significant that we opened the monument of the Table in the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. One of its tasks is to speak about achievements and scientists our country and humanity can be proud of,” JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov commented on the project.

The heroes of 10 episodes will be the following eminent scientists: M. V. Lomonosov, D. I. Mendeleev, N. I. Pirogov, P. L. Chebyshev, I. P. Pavlov, S. I. Vavilov, N. I. Vavilov, I. M. Gubkin, V. M. Glushkov, L. A. Zenkevich. Moreover, there will be information about modern young scientists.

The documentaries were filmed in the largest scientific centres and institutes of the country that carry out research in the framework of the national project “Science and Universities”.

“Scientific Russia. Great names” is a joint project of ANO “National priorities”, the TV channel “365 Days of TV”, and Okko being implemented in the frames of the Year of Science and Technology.

Sofia Malyavina, General Director of ANO “National priorities”: We think that the right approach makes it possible to pack scientific content in an entertaining format and make it popular. In this case, we have tried to make the media project not only educational but also interesting to the viewer. It is significant to show the continuity of the national scientific school in the Year of Science and Technology. Modern young researchers have plenty of opportunities opened for them by the national project “Science and universities”: new scientific centres are being established, scientific and research vessels and laboratories are being modernised, the instrument bases are being updated. All this contributes to the scientific and technological progress in our country, new scientific discoveries and achievements thus allowing being proud of not only our past but also our present.