For Employees


For Employees

Information on how to deal with administrative tasks, on strategic research goals and achievements of the Institute, list of resources providing assistance in the implementation of scientific and personal interests of employees


Registration and informing of visitors, registration of JINR network users and registration of e-mail accounts, Wi-Fi access at JINR, club of JINR employees and guests, JINR Calendar and other useful information.

MC2 JINR employees Club

Background information about JINR and Dubna: assistance starting from employment until your contract runs out, including for non-Russian visitors, transport, entertainment, sports, and everything you need to live in Dubna.

JINR’s Topical Plan

The scientific activity of JINR is executed on the basis of the annually issued document “Topical Plan (TP) for JINR Research and International Cooperation.” TP includes projects selected by the Scientific Council and approved by JINR Directorate as individual topics.

Scientific Papers

Materials illustrating and supporting scientific research activities at JINR, libraries, search servers, events.

Research Grants

Information on research grants of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research, joint grants of the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research and JINR, Russian Research Fund.

JINR Infrastructure

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research can offer an impressive set of infrastructure objects providing a wide range of opportunities for relaxation and self-realisation not only for JINR employees, but also for Dubna citizens.

Skill Improvement

JINR pays great attention to the professional development of its employees, providing them with a variety of opportunities for professional improvement and acquisition of new skills.

JINR Arts and Creativity

The unique international team of JINR comprising of academicians and workers, people with 60 years of experience and yesterday’s students who are not only achieves bright scientific results, but also traditionally actively engaged in arts and creativity.


The Association of Young Scientists and Specialists (AYSS) of JINR is a voluntary organisation for students, postgraduates, young scientists and specialists of JINR willing to be united on the basis of common interests

Trade Union

The Trade Union of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is a public non-profit organization that monitors compliance with the existing labor laws.