Administration Group of Department of Science Organization Activities (DSOA)


Administration Group of Department of Science Organization Activities (DSOA)


Activities of Department

  • Support of JINR science organization activities: drafting of materials for sessions of the Committee of Plenipotentiary Representatives, the Scientific Council, the Programme and Advisory Committees for Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Condensed Matter Physics;
  • Support of the science organizational activities of the Institute’s Directorate (holding Director’s meetings, the JINR Science and Technology Council);
  • holding elections for the positions of directors and deputy directors of the JINR laboratories;
  • Development of analytical materials for future and current programmes of the JINR scientific activities. Preparation of annual plans of research projects and international cooperation;
  • Organization, control and methodological guidance of training JINR researchers;
  • Support of grant activities of the Institute’s scientific research;
  • Holding of the annual competition of scientific papers in the fields of theoretical physics, experimental physics, scientific and methodological research and scientific and technical applied research conducted at JINR;

History of Department

The Scientific Department of the Chief Scientific Secretary (SDCSD) was transformed from the group of the JINR Scientific Secretary into the scientific department on 11 January 1978. The first Chief Scientific Secretary of JINR and Head of the Department was S. P. Kuleshov. In different times, the Department was headed by A. N. Sissakian, V. A. Senchenko, N. A. Russakovich, V. M. Zhabitsky, G. M. Arzumanian.

Aim of creation. The Scientific Department of the Chief Scientific Secretary was established to promote scientific activities of the Institute, popularize its achievements and train the scientific staff.

Tasks of the Department. To prepare materials and coordinate all issues related to scientific activities of the Institute, the Institute’s Directorate, the JINR Scientific Council, the JINR Science and Technology Council and other events influencing the Institute’s activities.

The Department aims to ensure scientific and methodological guidance of scientific secretaries of the laboratories, JINR Science and Technology Councils, and doctoral councils.

In 2021, within the total reorganization of JINR offices and departments, the Science Organization Department was restructured in to the Administration Group of the Department of Science Organization Activities.

Staff of Administration Group


Head of the Science Organization Department
Natalia Ivanovna SISSAKIAN
Phone: +7 (49621) 63-291
Tatiana Vladimirovna BOGDANOVA
Phone: +7 (49621) 6-22-39
Andrey Georgievich NANEV
Phone: +7 (49621) 66-323
Tamara Borisovna IVASHKEVICH
Phone: +7 (49621) 65-909


SISSAKIAN Natalia Ivanovna


Head of the Administration Group, Department SOD


Phone.: +7 (49621) 6-32-91