Arsen Khvedelidze turns 65

News, 31 October 2022

On 31 October, Arsen Morisovich Khvedelidze, Head of the Group of Algebraic and Quantum Computations of the Laboratory of Information Technologies JINR, turns 65. Being a Plenipotentiary Representative of the Government of Georgia in JINR, as well as Chairman of the Finance Committee for a number of years, Arsen Khvedelidze makes a significant contribution to the development of our Institute and international cooperation.

In 1979, Arsen Khvedelidze graduated from the Faculty of Physics of Tbilisi State University with honours with a degree in Theoretical Physics. After his graduation, Arsen Khvedelidze began his career in science by joining the Mathematical Institute of Georgian Academy of Sciences. From 1982 to the present, he is an employee of the Department of Theoretical Physics of the A. Razmadze Mathematical Institute.

The next successful career stage was the defence of the candidate dissertation in the speciality “Theoretical and Mathematical Physics” at the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR in 1989. Arsen Khvedelidze worked at this Laboratory until 2001. Afterwards, he continued his research work at MLIT.

The beginning of Arsen Morisovich’s scientific activity is connected with work on problems on describing bound states within the framework of relativistic quantum field theory. Later, his scientific interests shifted towards a new scientific topic such as the study of local symmetries in degenerate mechanical models and theory of non-Abelian gauge fields using computer algebra methods. At present, under the guidance of A. Khvedelidze, scientists are conducting promising study in the field of the mathematical description of quantum entanglement and its application in quantum information theory and quantum communication.

Over the years of his work at JINR, Arsen Khvedelidze has proved himself as a highly qualified specialist and a talented scientist capable of creatively and independently solving complex tasks in various fields of knowledge using a wide range of modern mathematical methods. His scientific activity has resulted in 164 scientific papers published in Russian and foreign scientific journals.

JINR Directorate, colleagues, and friends warmly congratulate Arsen Morisovich on his jubilee and wish him health, every success, happiness, and prosperity!