Battery prototyping laboratory created in Dubna University

Education, 05 November 2020

The Battery Prototyping Laboratory has started to operate in the State University “Dubna”. The Laboratory conducts research on the impact of the microstructure of electrodes on the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, new materials are being developed.

The Laboratory focuses on the development of modern technological solutions and their introduction into production. At the same time, specialists of the new Laboratory help students to find their place in scientific research. According to the Laboratory’s organizers, it is necessary to attract first-grade students to work at the Laboratory as far as this will allow them to master lots of useful skills. It is also important that such a system will contribute to the training of in-demand specialists.

We have already informed earlier about work of this scientific team dedicated to prototyping of lithium-ion batteries, which was carried out in close cooperation with JINR. According to Head of the Laboratory Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor at Dubna University Victor Krivchenko, JINR continues to be one of the key partners in this field, “Nowadays, we conduct research on graphene-based porous electrodes jointly with a team from FLNP JINR. Moreover, we have recently applied for an RSF grant in which we specified the IBR-2 research reactor of JINR as the object of the infrastructure.”.

“We have set ourselves quite ambitious tasks on adjustment of the techniques for the creation of lithium-ion batteries with further production of pilot batches of such batteries. In addition, we are supposed to create and test the systems of energy accumulation: it is the next step to take from conducting scientific studies to research and development work on the production of electrochemical energy accumulators of a new generation in Russia,” Victor Krivchenko noted.

More details in the news coverage by TV Channel “Universum”:

The Battery Prototyping Laboratory invites students of all grades studying natural, master-degree students and postgraduates to take part in the scientific and research activities.

For any inquiries please contact Head of the Laboratory Victor Alexandrovich Krivchenko by phone +7 (903) 700-39-96 or by email

More information in the lab’s booklet

Based on information by University “Dubna”