Day of Russia

Organization, 12 June 2022

12 June marks the Day of Russia, a state holiday of the Russian Federation, a JINR Member State and the country of the Joint Institute’s location. Russia is the largest scientific partner of JINR.

As of 2022, Russia participates in all scientific topics in all scientific areas of the JINR Topical Plan. JINR cooperates with 193 universities and institutes, enterprises and companies of the Russian Federation located in 55 cities. Scientists from Russian centres actively participate in scientific work at the JINR basic facilities. Thanks to this developed cooperation with Russia, employees of all JINR Member States, in their turn, can conduct research at basic facilities and participate in research programmes of Russian research centres, such as IHEP (Protvino), INR RAS (Troitsk), the National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute” (Moscow), Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute named by B. P. Konstantinov of NRC “Kurchatov Institute” (Gatchina), Institute of Physics and Power Engineering (Obninsk), ISSP (Chernogolovka), VNIIEF (Sarov), HCEI of the Siberian Branch of RAS (Tomsk), Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of SB RAS (Novosibirsk), the Lebedev Physical Institute, SINP MSU (Moscow), and others.

Schools and conferences are organized together with Russian research institutes and universities. The educational programme is implemented and developed in close cooperation with leading universities of the country. JINR’s cooperation with Russian universities and higher education institutions is of particular importance for the training programme of young scientific staff. The geography of cooperation with Russian universities extends to the entire territory of the country.

In Russia, the largest number of JINR Information Centres have been opened at universities in the cities of Vladikavkaz, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Arkhangelsk, Tomsk, Vladivostok. Information Centres in Rostov-on-Don, Irkutsk are being prepared for the opening.

In addition, scientists from Russian research centres prepare and defend dissertations at JINR.

JINR has established a strong partnership with the Special Economic Zone of Technical-Innovative Type “Dubna”. Russian industry is widely involved in fulfilling orders for scientific purposes. Projects carried out at accelerators in other countries of the world often become the basis for such cooperation, for example, in the programmes Russia-JINR-CERN, Russia-JINR-FNAL, and others.

The Directorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research congratulates Russian colleagues and partners, as well as their relatives, on the Day of Russia and wishes them good health, happiness, well-being, luck, and new professional successes for the benefit of science and progress.