Deputy of State Duma of Russian Federation visited JINR

News, 02 April 2021

On 2 April, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Kravchenko had an introductory visit to JINR. In the frames of the visit, a working meeting of Denis Kravchenko with JINR Director Academician Grigory Trubnikov was held, as well as an acquaintance with the laboratories of the Institute.

The guest visited the Laboratory of Information Technologies where LIT Deputy Director Tatiana Strizh acquainted him with activities of the Laboratory, its computing infrastructure and, in particular, the supercomputer “Govorun”. Leader of the NICA project, JINR Vice-Director Vladimir Kekelidze welcomed Denis Kravchenko in the Laboratory of High Energy Physics. During the tour, the guest visited the construction site of the NICA complex, was introduced to the elements of its scientific infrastructure, as well as visited the MPD pavilion where the sarcophagus with the magnet had been recently opened.

“As far as I was elected to the State Duma in the Moscow region, I visit Dubna once or twice a year. I head the main project “Locomotives of Growth” in the United Russia party aimed at promoting the development of the real sector of our economy, industry, scientific institutes, and educational programmes. My interests include industrial policy, the military and industrial complex, innovation activities. So, my task is to determine the development vector and support the key fields that could ensure the economic and industrial growth of our country,” Denis Kravchenko said in his comment to journalists. He also highlighted the necessity to support young scientists and their families so that to create comfortable conditions for their creative work. The Deputy said that the project “Locomotives of Growth” pays special attention to activities of scientific organizations and aims, among other things, at finding common ground between fundamental research and adoption.

Moreover, talking to representatives of the media, Denis Kravchenko highlighted, “Today I visited two out of seven laboratories of the Institute. I saw the NICA collider and was deeply impressed by both the scale of mounting works and the fighting spirit of the creators of the complex. It demonstrates scientific continuity from the older generation of Dubna scientists who were the first in research at the legendary Synchrophasotron in the 1950-1960s, and nowadays, we regaining our place as world leaders in this field of science. I see my role in this process as encouraging the development of the territories with high scientific, technical, and human potential. In other words, we should create here living conditions that would be no worse than in leading industrial and financial centres of our country. So that young scientists do not seek to go to the West but just do what they love calmly and with pleasure here. In this respect, Dubna is a unique city in our country, and our task is to make everything possible to ensure that scientists working here feel calm and confident.”

Photos by Elena Puzynina