Documentary about Yuri Oganessian “Element of Learning” released

News, 02 August 2022

Russian historical 365 days TV channel (Red Media company) has released a two-episode documentary “Element of Learning” dedicated to Yuri Oganessian, a living legend, a world-famous scientist, RAS Academician, Scientific Leader of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions JINR. Yuri Tsolakovich talks about his life and scientific path, the search for the stability island of superheavy elements, and Superheavy Element Factory of FLNR JINR.

Filming of the documentary “Element of Learning” began in December 2021 in Dubna, the first episode was released on the TV channel in July this year. Filming continued in St. Petersburg during the July Workshop on Heavy Ion Physics of FLNR JINR, within which the RAS Council on Heavy Ion Physics was held. Video interviews with Yuri Oganessian took place in the Radium Institute and the State Russian Museum, as well as near the St. Petersburg University, where Dmitry Mendeleev, the founder of the Periodic Table of chemical elements, worked. And this is symbolic since the surname Oganessian is forever inscribed in the table under the number 118 – oganesson. Only two scientists in the world were given such an honor during their lifetime (the first was an American Glenn Seaborg). Yuri Oganessian received the UNESCO-Russia Mendeleev International Prize in November 2021.

One of the questions answered in the documentary is “What element of fate or character allows a person to achieve something millions of people dream of – to leave a personal stamp in eternity?” Yuri Tsolakovich answered that being a scientist is indeed not for everyone, because of either natural ability or character. You have to constantly endure frustration in this field: the researcher must be ready to work for a long time without seeing any result of his attempts to discover something new in the human vision of the world. However, the result of work can sometimes exceed the wildest expectations. “In science, I would say, the genius is the one who anticipated his time,” the scientist commented.

The second episode of the documentary “Element of Learning” was released on 1 August. The film is available on video services and on social networks.






Earlier in 2021, Yuri Oganessian took part in filming of a movie about D. I. Mendeleev within the project of the TV channel “365 days TV” “Scientific Russia. Great names”, which is a series of documentaries about outstanding Russian scientists and their present followers.