Dubna at the Open Laboratory

Education, 13 February 2018

On 10 February 2018, the JINR Universal Public Library hosted participants of the international scientific and enlightening campaign aimed at “giving a possibility to everyone to test how his world picture coincide with the real world structure”. The event was held for the second time. Last year test of scientific literacy was held on 22 April and was called “All-Russian Laboratory”. 16 000 people from 37 Russian towns as well as the Chinese and the Kazakhstani took part in the campaign. More than 6 000 people passed test on-line.

This year, the geography of the campaign extended. The event took place in 20 countries, in 60 Russian towns. There were more than 200 sites of the Laboratory (in universities, RAS scientific institutes, libraries, museums) including our town. “Staff of the Universal Library first learnt about the campaign,” VBLHEP researcher Dmitry Dryablov says. “They asked for permission to hold this event. Of course, campaign organizers agreed with a great pleasure, passed necessary literature, materials.” On the part of JINR, the JINR University Centre and the JINR Visit Centre lent their support.