Dubna congratulates “Archimedes”

Organization, 26 June 2018

On 26 June 2018, the JINR Swimming Pool “Archimedes” сelebrates its 47th anniversary. Over the years, the swimming pool has become a true sports gem not only of Dubna and the Moscow region, but also of our entire country.

Hundreds of training camps for Soviet and Russian teams in water sports (sports swimming, synchronised swimming, water polo and others) were held in the pool, the Schools of Olympic Reserve worked on the basis of the “Archimedes” swimming pool. Prize winners of the Olympic Games and world champions in swimming trained here: in short, the elite of Soviet and Russian sports.

At the same time, “Archimedes” has always served not only sports of high achievements, but also performed another important mission – it served a wide range of citizens. Over 47 years, “Archimedes” has been a Mecca of sports, which hundreds and thousands of Dubna citizens, swimming fans and just supporters of a healthy lifestyle attend.

The basics of swimming are taught here to pupils of kindergartens and primary school students. For many years, “Archimedes” has been the main training base for students of the Swimming Department of the Dubna Sports School and the traditional venue for a number of major competitions. Sportsmen of the Masters Swimming Club “Element 105” has been successfully training here for 8 years.

We heartily congratulate Director of the swimming pool Vladimir Lomakin, the staff of “Archimedes” and SIM Office Director Andrey V. Tamonov on the 47th anniversary of the pool! Let its swimming tracks never be empty as in previous years!

Vesti Dubny