Great Union Day of Romania

Organization, 01 December 2022

1 December marks the Great Union Day of Romania. Romania was one of the founder states of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in March 1956. Since then Romania has been one of the active JINR Member States in terms of the volume of participation in JINR activities, joint research, as well as scientific and technological relations.

Scientists from Romanian centres take part in research in all the directions of the JINR Topical Plan for 2022. Joint seminars are held.

In 2022, scientists of the Joint Institute together with specialists from the Limnological Institute SB RAS (Irkutsk) and University of Bucharest (Romania) studied the elemental composition of Lake Baikal sponges. It turned out that sponges can be successfully used as bioindicators of lake pollution by toxic elements.

Researchers of Romanian centres joined the collaboration of scientists, who, together with the Laboratory of Neutron Physics JINR, developed and studied bio-hybrid medicinal nanocomplexes based on natural components with antibacterial and anticancer efficiency. Based on this study, medicine may be created in the future to combat resistant microbes.

The Directorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research congratulates Romanian colleagues and partners, as well as their family members, on the Great Union Day, and wishes them good health, happiness, prosperity, luck, and new professional successes for the benefit of science and progress!