Inclinometers for CERN are ready for assembling

News, 25 May 2018

Production of all components for two professional inclinometers was finished in workshops of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems.

The next stage is assembling, commissioning and bringing into operation of the inclinometers in CERN. In total, the scientists will supply and put into operation five such new devices at CERN by the end of the year. Work is carried out in the HMPRD sector under the guidance of Professor Yu. A. Budagov in the frames of the JINR-CERN agreement with the objective of stabilizing the beams spatial position to reach higher luminosity of the Large Hadron Collider.

The Precision Laser Inclinometer, a high precision new generation instrument, makes it possible to monitor the Earth surface angular oscillations in two orthogonal directions in 10-6 – 4 Hz frequency band with maximal sensitivity of 2.4∙10-11 rad/Hz1/2. This new instrument steadily registers Earth surface inclinations caused by the Moon, the Sun, far located (above 104 km) earthquakes, microseismic peak and industrial origin sources.

The CERN official data base includes technical documentation on bringing into operation the TT1 of the first Professional PLI (PPLI) with the authorship of DLNP staff members. Creation of the equipment was noted at the CERN-Russia meeting in October 2017. Moreover, the agreement on production and maintenance of five additional PPLIs was drafted and prepared for signing, which presupposed establishing the PPLI net in the location area of the Large Hadron Collider

The JINR Precision Laser Inclinometer was also installed in the Garni Geophysical Observatory (GGO, Garni) in the Republic of Armenia for collaborative study of the application of PLI for the seismic activity registration.

Professional PLI brought into operation at CERN