International workshop held in Almaty

News, 27 April 2022

This week, the Republic of Kazakhstan is hosting the International Workshop on Nuclear and Particle Physics. It was organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and the Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The workshop is held to strengthen scientific ties between JINR theorists and scientists of scientific and educational organizations in Kazakhstan. In addition to researchers from the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Almaty and BLTP, FLNP, LIT, FLNR JINR, representatives of L. N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University, the International Information Technology University, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, as well as the University “Dubna” are taking part in the event.

On 25 April, the first day of the conference, participants were welcomed by Acting Director General of the Institute of Nuclear Physics Daniyar Dzhanseytov, Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics Nikolay Antonenko, and Head of the national group of Kazakhstan at JINR Aidos Issadykov.

Daniyar Dzhanseytov emphasised 65 years of close ties between the INP and JINR and paid tribute to colleagues for creating significant joint works. Nikolay Antonenko congratulated and thanked the INP. Aidos Issadykov, on behalf of the organizing committee, thanked participants and expressed hope that the workshop would become a good tradition and an effective tool for scientific cooperation between two countries in the future.

There are many topics at the meeting that include two main areas – high energy physics of elementary particles and nuclear physics. On the first day of the event, two excellent reports were presented. FLNR Scientific Secretary Alexander Karpov opened the meeting speaking about the scientific results obtained in 2021 at the Superheavy Element Factory and about possible theoretical explanation of the data. After that, Elena Kolganova, a leading researcher of the BLTP sector, presented her report that also concerned the explanation of the data obtained at the SHE Factory.

The International Workshop on Nuclear and Particle Physics was scheduled two years ago; however, the coronavirus pandemic prevented it. That is why such a format without online participation has been chosen so that to ensure that researchers from different countries and organizations have the opportunity to get to know each other, ask questions, and communicate in the real world. It is always more effective than formal communication via the Internet. The meeting is held for the first time but it is planned to make it regular and hold every two years. It is planned to organize the event in Dubna next time.

The meeting will last until Friday. As a result, organizers expect that participants will get interested in each other’s work and international scientific ties will strengthen.