Meeting of the Board of Directors of Enterprises of Dubna

News, 16 October 2020

According to the press-release of the Board of Directors of City-Forming Enterprises of Dubna, the Board’s meeting took place on 14 October in a full-time format observing the mask regime. The place of the meeting was the JINR Scientists’ Club of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

After a long break caused by the difficult epidemiological situation in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, many issues were left for consideration. It was reported on by the Chairman of the meeting Vladimir Trusov, Director General of the “Raduga” State Engineering Design Bureau JSC. Although the meeting lasted for more than two hours, participants managed to discuss not all the life sectors of the science city.

Nevertheless, the most topical issues were reflected in the expanded agenda and the discussions. The most urgent of them were the staff changes in the City Administration and the City Council of Deputies. Participants of the meeting warmly welcomed their colleagues working today in very responsible positions: Sergey Kulikov, the Acting Head of the Dubna City District, and Andrey Tamonov, a new Chairman of the Dubna Council of Deputies.

Sergey Kulikov spoke about tasks of the Administration and plans for the future, enumerated events requiring special attention. It included the use of computed tomography devices available in Dubna for detection of complications after the coronavirus infection, preparation of the city for winter, and city repairs.

Chairman of the Council of Deputies Andrey Tamonov informed the Board of Directors that until 20 October, applications and documents can be submitted for participation in the competition for the position of the Head of the Dubna City Administration.

First Vice-Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Grigory Trubnikov spoke in detail about the creation of the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum in Dubna and its concept. Three years ago, this initiative was proposed by JINR and the Institute actually took this project under the patronage with the support of the Governor. Half of the repairs in the building of the future Lyceum are almost completed. It is expected that the construction object will be fully completed by March. Yuri Kurlapov was appointed Director-Organizer of the Lyceum. The Supervisory Board was created. There will be three specializations in the new school: physics-mathematics, biology-chemistry, and IT. It is planned to create a multilingual, multicultural environment in the Lyceum, as well as to ensure all the conditions for early career guidance and creative communication among school students of various grades.

Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research Victor Matveev shared plans for the 65th anniversary of JINR that will be celebrated on 26 March. He also reminded about the same anniversary of Dubna that got the status of the city on 24 July 1956.

Chief Physician of the Dubna City Hospital Alexey Osipov informed the audience about medical services provided to citizens during the Covid-19 second wave.

At the end of the meeting, Director General of the Special Economic Zone of the technical-innovative type “Dubna” Anton Afanasiev gave a brief overview of the work of resident companies. In order to provide more detailed acquaintance with residents of the SEZ “Dubna”, the Board of Directors decided to hold the next meeting in the territory of the economic zone.

Board of Directors of City-Forming Enterprises of Dubna
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