Nikolay Maximilianovich Plakida. Condolences

News, 09 November 2022

On 8 November, at the age of 85, Chief Researcher at the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Nikolay M. Plakida passed away.

Nikolay Maximilianovich Plakida

07.06.1937 – 08.11.2022

Nikolay M. Plakida started his scientific activity at BLTP more than 60 years ago. He substantially contributed to the creation of the Dubna scientific school on theory of condensed matter, statistical physics, and theory of superconductivity. He is the author of more than 300 scientific works and 3 monographs. He developed a theory of strongly anharmonic crystals, and also proposed a microscopic theory of high-temperature superconductivity, which gained worldwide recognition. His monograph High-temperature cuprate superconductors: experiment, theory, and applications is a fundamental report of modern concepts in the relevant physics field.

N. M. Plakida devoted a lot of time and effort to teaching and science organization activity. He gave lectures on statistical mechanics and solid state theory at MSU and Dubna State University. 15 Candidate dissertations were defended under his supervision. Numerous students of Professor Plakida and, in turn, their students work at scientific centres and universities of CIS and in distant foreign countries. For many years, Nikolay Maximilianovich was elected a member of STC BLTP, Scientific Councils of FLNP, FLNR, and the NRC Kurchatov Institute, was a member of the JINR Programme Advisory Committee, a member of the editorial board of the Theoretical and mathematical physics journal.

N. M. Plakida was awarded titles Honorary Scientist of the Russian Federation, Honorary JINR Employee, and Veteran of the Atomic Industry. He received a Certificate of Honour of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and was repeatedly awarded JINR prizes for papers in the field of theoretical physics.

High scientific and organizational abilities of Nikolay Maximilianovich Plakida were combined with bright personal traits like ultimate scientific honesty, openness, and readiness to discuss various scientific problems. His tireless energy and scientific longevity are undoubtedly connected with his sport career as a mountain climber, which he started in fifties. He conquered a number of mountain peaks and continued as alpine skier until recently. Enthusiasm and boundless energy of N. M. Plakida that remain in our memory will continue to inspire everyone who knew and worked with this wonderful person.