Pace is not lost

News, 28 September 2020

On 17 September, the 128th session of the JINR Scientific Council took place in the International Conference Hall. Representatives of the Member States of the Joint Institute took part in the event in a video conference format.

“This session is held in a very specific time,” JINR Director V. A. Matveev said in his comments to the Institute’s media. “September 2020 is the equator of the Seven-Year Plan. Nowadays, when we have presented our reports and have heard the presentations by chairmen of the Programme Advisory Committees who assessed the progress, it is obvious that a lot has been done to implement the key issues and a lot of work is ahead. It is the first time we are holding the session of the Scientific Council in the pandemic but the quorum is very good, we see active work of our colleagues. And the members of the Council can see that the Institute is alive no matter what. It is clear that the JINR team is overcoming this challenge creatively, scientific activities are underway despite all the difficulties. The tasks to be solved are worth all the challenges. Our colleagues from the Member States noted that we are optimistic and have the desire to implement all the projects. In addition to the creation of new unique facilities, we can use already existing ones to fight the coronavirus infection, many laboratories have opportunities for this. Physics may help people live a better life.”

JINR has not slowed down its activities during COVID-19 pandemic. 128th session of the Scientific Council, Video by the JINR Scientific Information Department

“The members of the Scientific Council and I were most impressed by the fact that despite the current conditions, the Institute not only works but also continues the implementation of the flagship projects,” Vice-Director B. Yu. Sharkov highlighted. “NICA especially impresses, there are no time losses in the project thanks to heroic efforts of the team and, of course, Leader of the Project V. D. Kekelidze. It is a considerable achievement of the Institute. It is possible to say the same about the IBR-2 at which the experimental run started in time, so people work observing all necessary precautions in connection with the epidemiological situation. The JINR Operational Headquarters for the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus infection continues its work; it promptly informs the JINR staff about everything happening in the Moscow region, Dubna and at the Institute. There are infected JINR employees, but no serious cases have been observed, let alone fatal ones. Of course, there are numerous problems with international cooperation, no trips abroad, no international conferences here, but we communicate with colleagues online. It saves much money and time but cannot fully replace personal communication. The main thing is that we have not lost the pace.”

The Scientific Council endorsed the appointment of G. Kaminsky and A. V. Eremin as Deputy Director of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions until the expiration of the term of office of FLNR Director S. I. Sidorchuk. The Scientific Council approved the proposal of JINR Director V. A. Matveev on awarding the title “Honorary Doctor of JINR” to Michel Spiro (France), I. Tserruya (Israel) and I. Wilhelm (the Czech Republic) in recognition of their considerable contribution to the development of science and training of young scientists.

The 129th session of the JINR Scientific Council is scheduled for 18 – 19 February 2021.

Olga Tarantina, JINR Weekly Newspaper
Photos by Elena Puzynina