School holidays at JINR

Education, 04 April 2017

On the days of school holidays, a group of school students from Stavropol came to Dubna. Excursions to Dubna University and the Museum of the History of Science and Technology of JINR were organised for the guests, two days were devoted to acquaintance with JINR.

On 27 March 2017, with the assistance of the Center «Perspective», an excursion to Dubna University was organised. The students were shown the university campus with its main buildings, hostels and sports complex. They also visited the Prototyping Center and were given a tour of the gallery of physicists who worked in Dubna at different times. The students were able to participate in the film festival «Dedicated to the JINR Birthday» held at the University.

On 28 March 2017, the Museum of History of Science and Technology acquainted the visitors with JINR. On this day, a group of school students from Dmitrovsky district joined Stavropol children. N. Kavalerova, A. Zlotnikova and K. Kozubsky showed the guests the Museum halls.

A. Voinov and O.Orelovich introduced the students to the main directions of activity of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, told about the applied research conducted in the Laboratory.

In the Laboratory of High Energy Physics D. Dryablov, O. Kunchenko and A.Svidetelev talked about the construction of the NICA collider, led an excursion to the Synchrophasotron and Nuclotron, and also to the Hall for Superconducting Magnets Assembling and Testing.

On 29 March 2017, the Head of the UC Physics Lab I. Lomachenkov organised a hands-on lab work for the students. The engineer-programmer of Laboratory of Information Technologies I. Pelevaniuk gave a lecture «Why physicists need computers» and guided the children to the Multifunctional Information and Computing Complex.