Visit of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Zambia to JINR

News, 25 February 2019

On 21 February 2019, a delegation of the Republic of Zambia headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Zambia Joseph Malanji visited JINR. The delegation came to Dubna represented by Ambassador of Zambia in the Russian Federation Shadreck Luwita and Chief Executive Officer of the Industrial Corporation Development of Zambia Mateyo Kaluba accompanied by representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Zambia, the Embassy of Zambia in the RF and the Industrial Corporation Development of Zambia. Representatives of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs accompanied the delegation during the visit to Dubna. This visit continued the acquaintance of Zambia with JINR that had started in February 2017 when representatives of the Government of the Republic of Zambia visited JINR for the first time.

The acquaintance with the JINR scientific infrastructure started with an introductory lecture; the guests visited the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics and the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. The REGATA facility and the method of neutron activation analysis evoked special interest of the guests. The JINR delegation at the working meeting was headed by Dmitry Kamanin, Head of the JINR International Cooperation Department. The parties discussed the organization of cooperation on the issues of the construction of the first Zambian research reactor carried out by the country, and, first of all, opportunities for the staff training on the JINR basis. During the discussion, the importance of informing the Zambian Government about research activities and educational programmes of JINR was highlighted. JINR staff members from Egypt and the RSA who participated in the meeting shared their experience in the fields of the organization of cooperation with JINR in their countries.

At the end of the visit, Minister Joseph Malanji commented on the visit of the Zambian delegation to JINR with the following words: “The aim of our visit to Russia was primarily to find out what scientific and technical contacts our specialists can establish here for work on two large-scale projects we will launch this year, after getting all necessary documents from the IAEA. We are talking about the joint with the “Rosatom” State Corporation construction of the first Zambian research reactor and the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology (CNST). Establishment of the research complex of such a level is impossible without clear understanding of the project’s profitability as well as technical, economical and staff requirements. We are very happy with our visit to JINR; your specialists demonstrated profound knowledge and the skill to present complex technical information in a clear way for those who do not know this subject area. The JINR experience helped us understand what we need as well as what specialists we should train for work at our reactor in the CNST.”

Photos by Igor Lapenko, JINR Scientific Information Department