Winter meeting of PAC for Nuclear Physics

Organization, 25 January 2022

On 27 January, a regular 55th meeting of the Programme Advisory Committee for Nuclear Physics of JINR chaired by Marek Lewitowicz will take place online.

The chairman will present information on the implementation of the recommendations of the previous PAC meeting.

  Programme of PAC NP meeting

JINR Vice-Director Sergey Dmitriev will report on the Resolution of the 130th session of the JINR Scientific Council (September 2021) and on the decisions of the JINR Committee of Plenipotentiaries (November 2021).

The PAC NP members will consider the report on the theme “Investigations of neutron nuclear interactions and properties of the neutron” and the proposal for its extension presented by FLNP Deputy Director Egor Lychagin.

An FLNR JINR engineer Nikita Kovrizhnykh will give a talk about the update on the experiments at the Superheavy Element Factory.

The scientific report “The double-γ decay width of the nuclear 2+1 state” by a BLTP senior researcher Alexey Severyukhin will continue the PAC programme.

There will be presentations of the new results and proposals by FLNR young scientists in the fields of nuclear physics. Moreover, the agenda of the event includes a meeting of the PAC members with the JINR Directorate.

Adoption of PAC recommendations and proposals for the agenda of the next PAC meeting will conclude the event.