Young engineers from Dubna are on takeoff

News, 17 May 2018

The School for Young Engineers “The NICA Vector” celebrated the end of the academic year by launching 4 flying machines constructed by students of the School.

On a sunny day of Sunday, 13 May 2018, in the Ratmino field, the team of the School for Young Engineers “The NICA Vector” launched 4 aircrafts that had been designed during the expiring academic year by the youngest students of the School Artem Yakutin (8 y. o.), German Romantsev (10 y.o.), Andrei Konygin (9 y.o.) and Grigory Kuznetsov (8 y.o.). Not all authors of the project were able to participate in the launch because Dubna suffers from the respiratory infection. Senior students of the School Lev Pidgaiko and Pavel Topchubaev took part in the event instead of some young engineers. The youngest student of the School Dmitry Saini (7 y.o.) also joined the team.

The academic year was fruitful for the School and was full of brilliant results. Two groups of school students learned computer technologies of three-dimensional modeling and additive manufacturing techniques for prototyping twice a week. In addition to educational success, the students achieved so-called “product” results. Such product results were 4 modelled by students and 3D printed rockets with solid-fuel engines, the hundredfold-reduced model of the MPD detector of the NICA complex and the educational construction set “Mendeleev’s Periodic Table” invented and assembled by them

All the results were presented and tested at the city conference “Young researcher” (2 second places in the sections “Technologies” and “Programming and modelling”), at the “Days of Physics 2018” festival and at the X Open Regional Competition “Engineering computer graphics and its application in production” that was held in Tolyatti.

Students of the School participated in the “Muravei” (lit. “Ant”) tournament that was specially organized jointly with colleagues from the Dmitrov Institute of Continuing Education (branch of the Dubna State University in Dmitrov). Young engineers competed with prize holders of the regional stage of WorldSkills in prototyping.

They also visited the Laboratory of Popularization and Promotion of Mathematics of the Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS where they met Laureate of the RF State Prize Andreev Nikolai Nikolaevich. Students had an excursion to the Tretyakov Gallery and, doing academic drawing, visited the art exhibition of works by Vladislav Kravchuk in Dubna.

The activity of the School for Young Engineers interested three federal TV channels that broadcasted footage about the School in February 2018.

The School also presented its results in the application for the award “Our Moscow Region”.

The School for Young Engineers “The NICA Vector” plans to achieve more extensive development and acquisition of new quality of works in the next academic year.

Natalia Teryaeva, Open Dubna

The School for Young Engineers “The NICA Vector” works in cooperation with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. The School is directed by Candidate of Physics and Maths, consultant at the Directorate of JINR Natalia Yurievna Teryaeva. The School for Young Engineers “The NICA Vector” invites inquisitive youngsters to join the team of its students.

To apply for the School, please call +7 965 107 37 90 or visit us at the address Dubna, Blokhintsev street 3, School #4, 4 floor, room 24 (a grey door with the table “School for Young Engineers “The NICA Vector”). Lessons are free.