Visit to JINR


Popularization of Science is one of the priority tasks of the Institute.

Science is a collective cognitive human activity. As a rule, in order to succeed in science a specialist should spend many years learning and training. Working for the benefit of mankind, scientists speak a jargon often incomprehensible to the general public. Popularization of science is a translation of knowledge acquired in the course of scientific research into a language accessible to non-specialists. Therefore, to promote mutual understanding among scientists of different fields and to attract brainpower into science, JINR focuses on facilitation of such translation, that is, on popularization of science.

An inalienable part of popularization process is organisation of visits for representatives of mass media, students and teachers.

If you want to learn more about scientific tasks and current research conducted at JINR, you should contact:

For mass media

For information on visits to JINR please contact JINR Press Secretary

For students, teachers, and public representatives

The University Centre of the Institute organises visits to JINR. A visit may be a one-day excursion around one or more of the JINR laboratories or have a multi-day programme that, in addition to excursions, includes popular lectures on contemporary scientific issues and hands-on activities (for school students), etc.

For foreign specialists arriving to JINR for development of scientific cooperation

The full information about JINR, as well as assistance with registration can be obtained personally or via phone/e-mail in the JINR Visit Centre. The JINR Visit Centre assists foreign specialists arriving in Dubna to fill in all necessary papers through the single window, as well as to get acquainted with the activities and history of JINR and the city. Halls of the Visit Centre are multifunctional – lectures, seminars, multimedia excursions can be held here.