53rd meeting of JINR PAC for Condensed Matter Physics

Organization, 22 January 2021

Traditional series of winter sessions of the JINR Programme Advisory Committees will be concluded with the 53rd meeting of the JINR PAC on Condensed Matter Physics on 25 January. The meeting will be held online. PAC CMP Chairman D. L. Nagy will open the meeting with information on implementation of the recommendations of the previous PAC meeting (July 2020).

JINR Vice-Director B. Yu. Sharkov will acquaint participants of the meeting with information on the Resolution of the 128th session of the JINR Scientific Council (September 2020) and on the decisions of the JINR Committee of Plenipotentiaries (November 2020).

Members of the PAC CMP will consider a progress report on the development of a new neutron source at FLNP (V. N. Shvetsov) and a progress report on construction of the SOLCRYS laboratory at the SOLARIS synchrotron (N. Kučerka).

D. P. Kozlenko in his talk will present plans for development of the spectrometer complex of the IBR-2 high flux pulsed reactor for 2021–2025. V. A. Turchenko will speak about the current status and future development of the Real Time Diffractometer. D. Chudoba will present to the PAC members information on the FLNP User Programme. T. I. Ivankina will present information about milestones of the International Conference “Condensed Matter Research at IBR-2”.

The PAC CMP members will hear the scientific report “Experimental studies and multiscale modeling of latent tracks in radiation-resistant insulators” by V. A. Skuratov.

Following the presented reports, a general discussion will take place. The programme of the meeting also includes a meeting of the PAC CMP members with the JINR Directorate.

  Programme of 53rd PAC CMP meeting