Days of the Czech Republic in JINR

Organization, 30 March 2016

29-30 March 2016. After the successful holding of the JINR Days in the Czech Republic at the end of 2015 in Prague and Brno, reciprocal „Days of the Czech Republic in JINR“ were organized by an Organizing Committee (chairman I.Štekl, members – J.Janošec, P.Hedbávný, J.Dobeš, S.Kulhánek, O.Novák, A.Kovalík, and J.Pytlíček). The Days were organized under the auspices of the Czech Embassy in Russian Federation.

The Czech delegation was composed of representatives from Czech universities and research institutes, and also from the representatives of Czech companies. The Days of the Czech Republic in JINR were officially opened with welcoming speeches of JINR Director Victor Matveev, the ambassador of the Czech Republic in Russian Federation Vladimír Remek, and the Plenipotentiary of the Czech Republic in JINR Jan Dobeš. The program of the Czech Days included presentations of Czech companies operating in the fields of technology, innovation, detection techniques, construction, and medicine, short presentations of Czech universities and research institutions, as well as the poster exhibition of Czech companies in the International Conference Hall. The members of Czech delegation had the possibility to visit some of the JINR laboratories.

As a part of the Czech days, an excursion for students from the Secondary Grammar School of Prof. Otto Wichterle was prepared. The Czech students actively participated in the outreach program dedicated to the 60th anniversary of JINR (Days of Physics). The list of Czech students and supervisors involved in the Days of Physics.

A part of the event was also dedicated to the exhibition prepared by Prof. Z.Janout and Dr. I.Štekl which showed correspondence and postage stamps related to JINR that have been collected over the last 60 years.

Following photos are courtesy of Igor Lapenko: