International School “Integrable and Stochastic Systems” started at BLTP JINR

News, 24 July 2023

On 23 July, the International School “Advanced Methods of Modern Theoretical Physics: Integrable and Stochastic Systems” started at the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR. The event was initiated by the BLTP JINR employees together with colleagues from the Member States. More than 50 participants from Russian and foreign universities will explore the School’s topics during lectures and present their poster reports.

The aim of the event is to introduce Master’s and PhD students who are working in areas close to the School’s topics to current problems and modern approaches of non-equilibrium statistical and mathematical physics.

The main areas covered by the lectures of the School are field theoretic, functional, and statistical methods in non-equilibrium quantum and classical systems, gravitational waves, holographic models, as well as geometrical quantization. In total, the participants will hear 16 lectures, as well as take part in panel discussions and make presentations at a poster session on the Lipnya Island.

The International School “Integrable and Stochastic Systems” has been held at JINR annually since 2013. This year, more than 50 people from universities of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Dubna, and Tomsk were selected to participate in the School. There are also representatives of Armenia, Finland, Slovakia, Vietnam, and Egypt among the participants.

The working languages of the event are English and Russian. The School will last until 28 July.