JINR Prizes for 2020

News, 20 February 2021

The following JINR annual prizes for best papers in the fields of scientific research, methodology, research and technology, and applied research were awarded by the decision of the 129th session of the JINR Scientific Council that was held in the mixed format on 18-19 February 2021:

I. For theoretical Physics Research

First Prize

  1. “Graphene-based planar tunnel electronics”.
    Authors: V. Katkov, V. Osipov.
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  2. “Scalar solitons, boson stars and hairy black holes”.
    Authors: J. Kunz, I. Perapechka, Ya. Shnir.
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Second Prize

“Neutrino mass, double beta-decay and nuclear structure”.
Authors: F. Šimkovic, A. Babič, R. Dvornickẏ, H. Ejiri, S. Kovalenko, M. Krivoruchenko, A. Smetana, D. Štefánik, J. Vergados, P. Vogel.

II. Experimental Physics Research

First Prizes

  1. “Investigation of probabilities of formation and decay of superheavy systems in dependence on the Coulomb factor Z1 Z2 at energies near the Coulomb barrier”.
    Authors: E. Kozulin, A. Bogachev, I. Vorobiev, M. Itkis, J. Itkis, G. Knyazheva, D. Kumar, K. Novikov, A. Pan, I. Pchelincev.
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  2. “Background-free search for neutrinoless double-β decay of 76Ge with GERDA”.
    Authors: K. Gusev, I. Zhitnikov, D. Zinatulina, A. Klimenko, A. Lubashevskiy, N. Rumyantseva, A. Smolnikov, M. Fomina, E. Shevchik, M. Shirchenko.

III. Physics Instruments and Methods

First Prize

“Measurement of analyzing powers for nucleon-nucleus scattering at momentum range from 1.75 to 5.4 GeV/c”.
Authors: O. Gavrishchuk, D. Kirillov, J. Mušinskẏ, C. Perdrisat, N. Piskunov, V. Punjabi, P. Rukoyatkin, I. Sitnik, E. Tomasi-Gustafsson, R. Shindin.
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Second Prizes

  1. “Development and software implementation of effective methods for modeling, reconstruction, and analysis of events in the MPD/NICA setup”.
    Authors: V. Vasendina, V. Voronyuk, A. Zinchenko, D. Zinchenko, V. Kireev, V. Kolesnikov, A. Mudrokh, J. Aichelin, E. Bratkovskaya.
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  2. “Development and application of new experimental methods at ACCULINNA-2 fragment separator”. Authors: A. Bezbakh, M. Golovkov, A. Gorshkov, S. Krupko, I. Muzalevskii, E. Nikolskii, G. Ter-Akopian, A. Fomichev, V. Chudoba, G Kaminski.

IV. Applied Physics Research

First Prize

“Experimental study and multiscale modeling of latent tracks structure in radiation resistant dielectrics”.
Authors: V. Skuratov, R. Rymzhanov, A. Volkov, A. Ibraeva, N. Kirilkin, N. Medvedev, J. O’Connell, A. Janse van Vuuren, J. Neethling, M. Zdorovets.
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Second Prize

“Nanoscale structure of planar and developed electrochemical interfaces for lithium power sources by neutron scattering”.
Authors: M. Avdeev, V. Petrenko, I. Gapon, A. Ivankov, E. Ushakova, Y. Kosiachkin, D. Itkis, L. Yashina, A. Rulev, T. Zakharchenko.
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V. Encouraging Prizes

  1. “Three-body soft dipole mode and astrophysical applications”.
    Authors:L. Grigorenko, Yu. Parfenova, N. Shulgina, M. Zhukov.
  2. “Development and creation of coordinate detectors based on thin-walled drift tubes for the NA-64 at CERN”.
    Authors: E. Vasilieva, P. Volkov, Yu. Gusakov, T. Enik, I. Zhukov, G. Kekelidze, V. Kramarenko, V. Lysan, D. Peshekhonov, A. Solin.
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  3. “High-resolution magnetic analyzer MAVR for studying characteristics of nuclear reactions”.
    Authors: V. Maslov, Yu. Penionzhkevich, D. Aznabayev, S. Lukyanov, N. Skobelev, Yu. Sobolev, I. Kolesov, S. Pashchenko, G. Gulbekian, M. Khabarov.
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JINR prizes are awarded for outstanding experimental, methodological and applied research on JINR scientific themes. Research papers should correspond to the world science level and should be completed in the current year. Annually 11 people including a secretary are appointed as a jury by the JINR Directorate to consider presented research papers. The jury consists of representatives of the JINR Directorate and leading scientists. The decision on the award of JINR prizes becomes operative after confirmation given by the JINR Scientific Council during its winter session.

  Regulation for JINR prizes (Rus)