Parliamentary delegation of Czech Republic visited JINR

News, 21 October 2018

On 18 October 2018, a delegation of the parliamentary Committee on science, education, culture, youth and sport of the Czech Republic headed by Chairman of the Committee Václav Klaus and a delegation of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in RF headed by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Vítězslav Pivoňka paid an introductory visit to JINR. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Plenipotentiary of the Czech Government in JINR Ivan Štekl, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic.

JINR Director Academician Viсtor Matveev and Vice-Director Richard Lednický welcomed the Czech delegation in the JINR Scientists’ Club, where a working lunch with leaders of the Joint Institute was organized. During the working lunch, the guests listened to an overview presentation about JINR of R. Lednický and a presentation of I. Štekl devoted to the forms and results of participation of the Czech Republic in JINR.

The Czech delegation was particularly interested in the participation of Czech industrial enterprises in activities of the Joint Institute, which is why acquaintance with JINR was started with an introduction to the work of the Czech company ASARCO on the reconstruction of the JINR hotel on Moskovskaya street 2, where a large number of young scientists from the JINR Member States live.

  • Photos by Elena Puzynina, JINR Scientific Information Department

    Acquaintance of the delegation with the JINR scientific infrastructure started in the Laboratory of High Energy Physics was continued in the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, where the delegation had an informal meeting with the Czech staff members of JINR. The representatives of the Czech Embassy and the parliamentary Committee had direct communication with the Czech scientific youth, learned about their life and work in Dubna.

    The visit was concluded by a final meeting with the JINR Directorate. Addressing the representatives of the Czech delegation, JINR Director V.A. Matveev emphasized the close and diverse cooperation of JINR with the Czech Republic reflected in holding of major joint events, such as the JINR Days in Prague and Brno in 2015 and the Days of the Czech Republic in JINR in 2016.

    Chairman of the Committee, Václav Klaus, noted that despite the short time of the visit, the Czech delegation was able to get maximum information about the Joint Institute. He also noted the exceptional importance of international scientific cooperation as a core of stability in the modern world realities. Czech Ambassador Vítězslav Pivoňka noted the effective work of JINR with the Czech Embassy, stressing that his first visit to JINR will surely not be the last. The guests also expressed interest in hosting one of the upcoming Committees of JINR Plenipotentiaries in the Czech Republic.