JEMS-13 is held this week in JINR

News, 12 September 2019

The 13th international training programme for decision-makers in science and international scientific cooperation JEMS – «JINR Expertise for Member States and Partner Countries» (JEMS-13) started in JINR on Monday, 9 September 2019.

Leaders and specialists of research and educational organizations of Bulgaria, Cuba, Egypt, Romania, the RSA, Serbia, and Vietnam take part in the training programme.

The start of JEMS-13 coincided with the start of the 3rd stage of the UC International Student Practice that gathered the scientific youth from universities of Belarus, Cuba, the RSA, Serbia, and, for the first time, Chile. The programme of JEMS-13 was traditionally opened with an introductory lecture about JINR delivered for participants of both programmes by Head of the International Cooperation Department D. V. Kamanin in the JINR Scientists’ Club.

JINR Vice-Directors B. Yu. Sharkov and R. Lednický welcomed JEMS participants at the traditional working lunch in the JINR Scientists’ Club. Guests shared their expectations for the cooperation development with JINR and their first impressions of the visit to the Institute.

The Joint Institute welcomes JEMS-13 participants and wishes them successful work!

Photo by Elena Puzynina