JINR Training Programme “JINR Expertise for Member States and Partner Countries” (JEMS)

International training programme for decision-makers in science and international scientific cooperation

JEMS – «JINR Expertise for Member States and Partner Countries»

Since 2016, the Joint Instutute for Nuclear Research has been actively implementing the training programme for administrative and scientific personnel from research and educational organisations of JINR member states, associated members, and partner countries.

The training programme includes meetings with the JINR Directorate, a tour of the four main research complexes of the Institute, establishment of professional contacts with project leaders, daily lectures at the Visit Centre, as well as a Dubna sightseeing excursion.

What is JEMS

JEMS is a training programme – “JINR Expertise for Member States and Partner Countries”, run by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna and targeted at administrators and managers of international projects in science and research in nuclear sciences and related disciplines.

JEMS trainings are held every 3-4 months. Working language – English. A Russian language training course is announced by a special notice.

The main objective of JEMS is to present JINR operating principles, research and educational programmes, user policies, as well as means and formats of participating in JINR activities. During 5 working days participants are offered an exciting tour of JINR research infrastructure, presentations delivered by top laboratory management and leading scientists, meetings and round-table discussions with JINR Directorate.

Organizational Issues

Participants are expected to cover their travel to Moscow and hotel expenses in Dubna (USD 50.00 per night). JINR will organize and support meeting of delegates at Moscow airports, transfer to/from Dubna for arrival and departure, catering in accordance with the programme.

Participants from the JINR Member States and Associate Member Countries are entitled to special financial conditions.

In order to apply please forward an official letter in the name of Dr. Richard Lednicky, Vice-Director of JINR, accompanied by brief CV of delegates to post@jinr.ru with c.c. to jems@jinr.ru (Attention: Ms. Yulia Polyakova, Programme Secretary) who will communicate with you concerning your travel details and other issues.
Ms. Yulia Polyakova, JEMS Programme Secretary
The 5th JEMS Training 4 – 8 December 2017

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is happy to announce the fourth training course “JINR Expertise for Member States and Partner Countries” for administrators and managers of international projects in science and research in nuclear sciences and related disciplines to be held in JINR, Dubna, Moscow region, Russia, during 4 – 8 December 2017. Working language of the training course will be Russian.

Agenda of the 5th JEMS Training
“JINR Expertise for Member States and Partner Countries”

4 – 8 December 2017

Last update of the draft agenda: 05.12.17

  Download 5th JEMS Training Programme

04.12.2017 (Monday)


Встреча в холле гостиницы «Дубна».
Подача автобуса и переезд в Визит-центр.
Сопровождающий – Ваел Бадави.


Обзорная лекция об ОИЯИ (С.З.Пакуляк , директор УНЦ) Фотографирование.


Посещение Лаборатории ядерных реакций (ЛЯР)
лекция (А.В.Карпов научн. секретарь ЛЯР)
лекция (С.Л.Богомолов)
Осмотр  циклотронного комплекса (А.А.Воинов)


Обед с дирекцией ОИЯИ (Дом Ученых)


Посещение Лаборатории физики высоких энергий (ЛФВЭ) экскурсия по установкам и производству элементов коллайдера НИКА (Д.К.Дряблов), фабрика магнитов
Лекция (А.О Сидорин)


Переезд в гостиницу


Ужин в малом зале ресторана гостиницы «Дубна»


05.12.2017 (Tuesday)


Посещение Лаборатории нейтронной физики (ЛНФ).
Лекция общая (Е.В.Лычагин, зам.директора).
Лекция «Физика конденсированных сред» (Д.П.Козленко)
Экскурсия на комплекс спектрометров реактора ИБР-2.


Обед (ресторан гостиницы «Дубна»)


Посещение Лаборатории ядерных реакций (ЛЯР). IC-100, Наноцентр. Осмотр установок.
Лекция «Ионно-трековые технологии» (А.Н.Нечаев)


Лекция о международном сотрудничестве ОИЯИ (Д.В.Каманин) Визит-центр.

07.12.2017 (Thursday)


Посещение Лаборатории радиационной биологии (ЛРБ).
Лекция «Радиобиологические исследования в ЛРБ ОИЯИ»
(чл.-корр. РАН. Е.А.Красавин, директор).
Экскурсия по лаборатории. Павильон исследований внеземных пород. Подразделение микроскопии (Г.Н.Тимошенко, зам.директора)


Экскурсия по городу (Е.А.Базанова)




Лекция «Протонная терапия в ОИЯИ», посещение медико-технического  центра (Г.В.Мицын)


Лекция «Нейтронно-активационный анализ» (М.В.Фронтасьева)
Лекция «Современные тенденции в Рамановской микроспектроскопии» (Г.М.Арзуманян)


Фуршет с представителями лабораторий ОИЯИ, бар ресторана «Дубна»

08.12.2017 (Friday)


Посещение Лаборатории ядерных проблем (ЛЯП).
Экскурсия по лаборатории (Д.В.Наумов, зам. директора)


Конференц-зал гостиницы «Дубна»
Круглый стол с Дирекцией ОИЯИ: дискуссия, вручение сертификатов, интервью, протокольное фотографирование


Обед с руководством ОИЯИ в малом зале ресторана гостиницы «Дубна»


Previous Trainings
  • 5 Molodezhnaya str.
    (JINR Visit Centre)

    6 Joliot-Curie str.
    (JINR Directorate)

    Moscow region,
    Russia, 141980

  • +7 (49621) 6-34-16

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  • jems@jinr.ru


JEMS Organizer

Dmit­ry KAMA­NIN

Deputy Director of the Science Organization & International Cooperation Office


tel.: +7 (49621) 6-58-39

fax: +7 (49621) 6-58-91

е-mail: kamanin@jinr.ru

JEMS Co-organizer

Sta­nis­lav PAKULIAK

Direc­tor of the JINR University Centre



tel.: +7 (49621) 6-50-89

fax: +7 (49621) 6-58-51

e-mail: stanislav.pakuliak@jinr.ru